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Revolutionizing modern dining

The Digital Fox is in the works


Our Philosophy

Crafting digital solutions that resonate with the modern world.

Innovating Dining Excellence

At Digital Fox, we are transforming the dining experience by removing unnecessary friction through innovative technology. Our systems streamline every transaction, from payment to feedback, allowing restaurant staff to focus on what truly matters—enhancing guest service. This commitment to innovation and service excellence defines everything we do, driving superior dining experiences across every touchpoint.

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Our Approach

The way of the Fox

While our overarching goal is to eliminate obstructive steps that waste time and degrade the customer experience, our approach is unique. We don't rely on fate; we forge our path. We build unorthodox coalitions, foster commitment, and strategize with the cunning and adaptability of a fox, rather than the directness of a lion.

Designed for the world. Every corner, every table, every taste.

The Digital Fox embodies our philosophy. It's more than just a product; it's a narrative.

A narrative that speaks to the modern diner, offering convenience and enabling a more human touch to your dining experience


Seamless  integration

The Fox effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate enhancement to your service offering.

Abstract representation of seamless inte
Futuristic contactless paymensts, black


Dynamic and Convenient Payment Options

From full payments to split bills, custom amounts, and tipping, the Fox offers diners a plethora of payment options, all at their fingertips.


AI Enabled

Digital Fox leverages AI to seamlessly gather data and drive insights from every transaction, ensuring personalized experiences and enhanced operational efficiency.

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